What is Meg’s Musings?

Meg’s Musings covers topics like writing, reading, writing retreats, coaching, parenting, friendships, gardening, camping and walking. It’s a newsletter for writers, readers, creatives, parents and humans.

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Benefits of reading Meg’s Musings

Meg’s Musings provides an authentic voice on writing, creativity and navigating life. You are welcomed into my (virtual) home where there’s a pot of soup on the stove, a seat at the table and conversation is encouraged.

Meg’s Musings explores:

  • the writing journey

  • book chats

  • the broad spectrum of creativity

  • making the most of writing retreats

  • the ups and downs of parenting (three sons who are now beautiful young men)

  • gardening through the seasons

  • the nuances of coaching, goal and intention setting

  • and all the things that life can throw at us like those balls that catch us off guard.

My vulnerability, oversharing and inner workings of my mind are an outreached hand to you as you navigate life.


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Free subscribers get:

  • monthly newsletters.

Who am I?

I live in Melbourne (Naarm) that is the traditional land of the peoples of the Kulin Nations and am forever grateful that I live here in a place where story has been told forever.

I’m an editor, accredited results coach, and a writer and facilitator. I have stories, poems and essays published in a number of anthologies and have a couple of unpublished manuscripts. I run writing retreats in country Victoria as well as virtual retreats and facilitate writing workshops.

I’m also a mum to three young men and a fervent gardener and knitter, and an amateur artist.

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What readers say

“Long time lover of Meg's musings in whatever way I can get them! Thoughtful, generous voice in your feed."
— Kate Mildenhall, Author of The Bowerbird

"I'm so happy to read your musings!"
— Shelley Baird

"Since starting to read your Substack, I've enjoyed what you have to say. Keep going!" — Tracy Peacock

"I LOVE your musings Meg xxx Keep kicking goals my friend :) "
— Katherine Collette, Author of Katherine Collette

"I support your work Meg, mostly because you're awesome!! Thanks for being an inspiration :)"
— Kazz McKnight, Author of The Mad Joy Writer

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Things that catch my eye as I try to understand the world - like congregations of aphids, conversations overheard, interrelationships, or stories from the wild - writing craft and observations from coaching. Come along for the ride.


I'm a Melbourne-based writer, coach, editor and facilitator. I run writing retreats in Victoria, Australia. I love reading, knitting, gardening and beautiful things.